Fail-Proof Guide on Choosing a Painting

Never have to think if a painting will look good in your home again.

Choosing a painting for your home can be a daunting task if you are unsure of how it will look in your space.

Our home is not only our sanctuary but also a reflection of ourselves and your art pieces should reflect that.

Time and time again I get asked "Would this piece look good in my home? is this the right size? should I go bigger? should I go smaller?"

I created a 5 step guide to help you decide on your painting style best suited for your home. Inside you will also find examples of different interior design styles, a worksheet for when you are ready to purchase a painting, and extra design tidbits!

One thing I will like to share is how important NOT following old rules is! You do not need matching frames, or sizes that are side by side to match. Mix it up a bit, pair a small piece of artwork with a big one beside it. 

See below LoneFox's and Studio Mcgee's home inspo for an example of how to work different style paintings with different frames.  

pssst, these two are my own personal home inspiration, a lot of my decor and design is based on their styles.

Lone Fox:

Studio Mcgee:

Curated image with Leona Hutch, Ponder in the Park 1, Villerville Beach

This style is considered transitional, and I absolutely adore it ! The mix of modern and vintage with earthy tones.

Download the link below to receive the full guide straight to your inbox! And as always, don't forget to email me any questions!




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