How do I Buy an Original

I create as many paintings as possible and release them separately or in collections on my website. This will be advertised before hand via social media, my blog, and mailing list. Some of these will also be one of a kind studies.
Originals will be available here. 

How do I know what size to get?

Please email me if you are completely unsure.

I suggest getting a piece of paper and cutting it to the sizes I provide to get a sense of how it will look. You don't always need a bigger painting, and you don't always need a smaller painting. Sometimes a place in your house will look better as a gallery wall, etc.


My work comes unframed, although if you would like framing please let me know.

Most of my paintings fit a floater frame if it is an original on wood cradled panel or flat wood panel.

If you buy a piece that is on mixed media paper or a print, I highly suggest a frame with matting, big or small, or a glass floating frame where the painting is in the middle of the glass frame.


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