Portrait of Chantel working on her Christmas ornaments


Artist.Entrepreneur.Educator.Coffee Addict.

why be like everyone else when you can be one of a kind?

Design Guru

I'm an artist who's here to show you don't need ALL Ikea artwork. You are a complex human with complex emotions, you should have artwork that highlights who you are and sets your vibe.

I'm here to help you take you create that feeling in your home that you've always wanted. Together we are going to elevate your home with artwork that you can feel.

Picture of Chantel painting
Letter Chantel wrote that says I like drawing and making staff also I like to paint and sing and play with my friends. I like to have fun. and I like to eat lunch. I also like to do experiments.
Let's go back in time...

As far as I can remember, I've been painting, drawing and being overall "crafty"

Getting inspiration from artsy shows such as Mr. Dress up, Art Attack and Camp Caribou ( good ol' Canadian Classics)

Taking art all throughout High School, I OBVIOUSLY was going to go to college for art as well.


Seriously, I had jobs here and there, was a financial advisor, worked at a school photography company, but art was put on the back burner.

But I still was so attracted to the art world, and my mind longed for it.

and then everything happened at once...

With going through my own mental health issues, I needed an outlet, and I knew deep down I needed to start painting again.

January 2020, I restarted my journey with art, and there was no going back.

Art has deeply helped me and continues to help me meditate, relax while being creative.

Picture of Chantel with her family

why I give back with each purchase...

Going though my own struggles, seeing friends and family struggle, and unfortunately loosing some beautiful souls, I knew I wanted to support mental health initiatives. 

5% of proceeds from each sale are going  towards the Canadian Mental Health Association at the end of the year.