Original Artwork
by Chantel Bettencourt

Each piece is inspired by music and nature. Stimulating strong primitive emotions. Evoking a state of calm, drama or melancholy.


Chantel has a such a beautiful way of capturing spirit and movement in her art that creates a type of paused moment in time. Whether you prefer an abstract approach to your art, or something scenic, there is a musical fluidity to what she puts to canvas.

Stephanie Le Tourneau
Toronto, CA

Chantel’s paintings are so evocative and make me travel right away. « Palm tree » makes me feel calm and relaxed and brings me inner piece!
Chantel offered a frame option which made it even easier for me and what can I say about this beautiful wooden frame that fits perfectly with the painting!!

Vanessa Fenelon
Ceyrat, France

Stunning! I ordered an original and it’s beautiful. This was my first experience purchasing a painting and I so happy I did. I love that you’re able to buy a print as a cheaper option too. Such a great idea!

Linda Gibbons
Toronto, CA

Chantels artwork is beautiful, she is so talented and I cant wait to purchase another piece.

Lauren J
Guelph, CA

So in love with my painting! I cant wait to order a bigger one for my living room. Quick responses and customer service as well.

Kaitlyn, F
Toronto, CA


Giclee prints are archival reproductions of my paintings. They are on heavyweight, museum-quality paper. Each print is specially made, individually, with extreme attention to detail. They are wrapped and bundled with a similar measure of affection and consideration.



My unique artworks are hand painted, using a mixture of palette knives and brushes. Each one is painted to a specific music playlist and vibe. Kindly join my VIP list to be the first to know when a new collection drops.


the MINI's

Sweet little 6x8 palette knife paitings, inspired by road trips throughout Canada.


I am an expressionistic painter living just outside of Toronto, ON.

Inspired by nature and textures to convey evocative paintings. Painting is my personal form of meditation, and therapy. By putting my soul into each of my paintings, it has help promote self-exploration and awareness into the darkest and lightest parts of my mental and emotional health.